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3rd International Hospitaller Congress - Tampa, Florida (January 2016)


The 3rd International Hospitaller Congress was held during the last four days of January 2016 at the Tampa Convention Centre in Florida, US. More than 230 delegates from 28 different jurisdictions attended the Congress, which was professionally organized by the officers of the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope. In this Congress, more emphasis was given to the interventions of specialised professionals within the Order who propounded the latest medical discoveries and achievements and how these can be juxtaposed to the needy and vulnerable throughout the jurisdictions. This was done by means of the well-attended daily conferences and the specialised workshops throughout the days in question.

The keynote speakers and chosen subjects included the following:

Dr. Paul Ling Tai: New Anti-Aging Technology to Incredible Youth
Dr. Serge Jurasunas: Health Solutions in the Colon - How to Treat and Detoxify as Seen with Iridology
Dr. Hal Blatman: The Silent Network that Connects All Practitioners and Their Patients
Dr. Brad Ferringo: Integrative Homeopathy in Complex Cases
Dr. Antonio Jimenez: Bio-regulatory Approaches to Cancer Treatment
Dr. Bill Bowling: Medical Biomagnetism and the Biomagnetic Pair
Nancie Anderson, BS, RN, LMT: The Impact, The Pain, The Treatment - Scar Tissue
Omar Amin, PhD: Understanding Parasites in the USA
Dr. Serge Jurasunas: How to Understand and Treat Cancer from a Molecular Basis
Shannon Goossen, AP, LMT: Effective Treatment Options for Chronic Pain: Micro-current & Electromagnetic Devices
Dr. Sunil Pai: Inflammation and Cancer: The Role of Natural Anti-Inflammatories to Prevent, Treat and Reverse Chronic Disease and Cancer
Shaman Jon Rasmussen: Healing as a Journey of the Soul
Nancie Anderson & Shannon Goossen: Energetic Medicine
Dr. Marwen Saab: Spirituality in the Cancer Trajectory?
Dr. Geneva Edwards: Preventing Cancer Naturally via the Kreb Cycle Using Nutrition
Dr. Anthony James: Indigenous, Traditional Medical Therapies as Cancer Complication Remediation and Palliative Support for Cachexia
Dr. Patrick Jackson, JD & Dr. Kathleen Jackson, RPh, FIACP: Hidden Emotions in Cancer
Dr. Krishna Panday: A Monastic Vision on Cancer, not a disease, a manifestation
Dr. Charles McWilliams: Oxygen, the Pivotal Therapeutic Gas
Dr. Armin Schwarzbach: Lyme Disease and Other Chronic Infections in Cancer and Other Syndromes
Dr. Ernesto Herger: High Frequency Therapy for shrinkage and removal of benign tumors of the thyroid, prostate and breasts
Paul Barattiero, C.Ped.: Hydrogen
Dr. Michael Badanek: The Unexplained Thyroid Dilemma
Kelly Armstrong, OTR, MPP: Cranial Release Therapy (CRT): New Breakthrough in the Treatment of Concussions & TBI's
Judy Mikovits, PhD: Healing after Plague
Michael Tyrrell: Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project
Dr. P.J. Huang: Breast care through Homeopathy -- Taipel experience
Dr. Manuel Velez Aguilar: Regenerative Integral Medicine

The Congress was then concluded on Sunday 31st January at 3:00pm at the St. James Church in Tampa with the Investiture Ceremony for Knights and Deacons.

Considering the fact that the previous two International Lazarite Symposia were indeed huge successes both with regards to content and also with regards to numbers, congratulations must go to H.E. Chev. Charles McWilliams and his team of officers who oversaw yet another successful international congress which brought together so many Lazarites from different jurisdictions together.





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